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30 Eggs in 20 Days from 1 Hen

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Hi all,


Orakiah is going egg crazy.


I've been fetching alot more eggs than usual out of the nesting box for the past 3 weeks


In the past 20 days we've had more than 30 eggs....from 1 Hen.


Does anyone know how she is even able to do this?


Yesterday i fetched 3 eggs out and today 2.



She seems fine...Eating,Drinking & Letting us know she's the boss.

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It is possible. But again it is quite rare! I think the record for one hen in a day is something like 9. In the past I had a 7 egg day from 6 chickens.


She should be ok in herself but maybe keep an eye on her and give her some extra feed to keep her perked up.


Martin :)

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