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extremely cross rabbit

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Jessica PP has laid her first egg today. Horray :clap:


But much to Sugars (brown white rabbit) (our bunny) annoyance Jessica decided to fly over her fence into the 'rabbit garden', into the rabbit outdoor run, up the ramp into the garage to the rabbits indoor run where she settled herself down in the litter tray and laid her first egg!!!!


Now we have a very cross rabbit (brown white rabbit) and the problem of how to keep Jessica out of the rabbit garden and out of the litter tray. If we shut the door to the rabbit run the rabbit can't get out to its garden.


What I really need to know is will Jessica want to go back to the same place to lay tomorrow? How can I get her to lay in the eglu nest like Sally does?



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Thank you


I thought of that, but if I shut her in the eglu run how will Sally get in when its her time to lay??


I don't know when Jessica is going to lay her next one, it was a surprise when she laid today!


Should I keep both Jessica and Sally in tomorrow? Once Jessica has laid in the eglu will this 'cure' her of going into the rabbit area and inside to litter tray do you think??


Now I'm wondering what will happen if Lady P wants to lay her first egg (cos she has a red comb and is very crouchy) and can't get in....


aagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!! :doh:

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