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Exercise-induced rhinitis (runny nose!)

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Anybody else suffer from this? Basically, your nose runs when you exercise. I find it really irritating and have to carry hankies with me at all times, often ending up with a sore nose on a long run unless I have enough dry hankies with me.


Solutions seem to be either carry hankies (duh!) or a nasal spray. Has anyone tried this?


Actually, I always seem to have a slightly runny nose with hot food and windy weather making it worse :? .

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Yep same problem here! I don't actually do a lot of exercise :oops: but do get a very runny nose when I'm horse riding or out for a bike ride. It gets quite interesting cantering along with a streaming nose trying to work out whether you dare take one hand of the reins to blow it :lol:

I find those balm tissues help, and they are very cheap in Aldi.


Oh yes, and hot food (both piping hot and spicy) has exactly the same effect.

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I use it when I get up on mornings that I know I'm going to the gym, playing badminton etc. later in the day

One squirt up each nostril.

My GP said it takes 24hrs to work - but I found using on the day worked (for me).


It can thin the lining of the nose and lead to v. minor nose bleeding (really only spotting when nose is blown) - this happens to me every 6 months or so - so I stop for a week and then restart.

No other side effects.


It really does work well for me so I'd recommend seeing GP to at least discuss it.



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Rhinitis is just a normal body reaction to temperature changes but I agree it can be a pain. I have Rhinodoron from the chemist which is natural Aloe Vera and works very well - it does not have the nose-thinning side effects and does not cause any bleeding. It is made by Weleda and part of their hayfever remedy, but works for all the other times too.

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I have the same ANH et al; I've a minor dust allergy, which is exacerbated by the paper dust at work and pollen, strangely enough none of my animals make it worse except for the bunnies :roll:


I'm always blowing my nose when exercising :roll: I have tried nose sprays, which work to stop the running but then make my nose very dry and sore inside, causing cracks and eczema.


Soooo Karen, when're you coming to circuit training? :D:wink:

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I have nasal spray (prescribed by GP) - Fluticasone propionate - works a treat.

You can buy it over the counter, but precription works out better value


I bought this over the counter (£8 :shock: ) and have been using it regularly for over a fortnight. I can honestly say it hasn't made any difference whatsoever :? . I have just finished the bottle too so it's cost about £4 a week.


My nose has been running just as much as it usually does but it's made me realise that squirting something unpleasant up your nose every day is more of a pain than having to blow your nose when you're exercising :roll: .

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I have found it to help ANH, less sneezing and I can tell when I have forgotten to use it. It doesn't irritate my nasal lining, nor make it sore, there's also no rebound blocked up nose with use.


My local pharmacy had trouble getting it in when I ordered it, apparently Weleda are a pain to deal with, so it might be better to order online next time.

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I have very similar symptoms to you, I sneeze terribly in the mornings too. I also get horrible fluids running out of my nose.


My doctor prescribed Nasonex which you can not get over the counter.




it is primarily for allergies but as it is an extremely low dose steriod it helps to shrink nasal polyps, which I suspect is the problem.


One spray of this a day in each nostril and my symptoms disappear. Stop using it and they come back rapidly.


It takes about a week or two for the spray to kick in. I woud recommend it highly.

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