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Holes in Omlet netting?

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I have discovered holes in the Omlet netting where some of my hens have been escaping into the garden. I don't know what has broken the wire in the netting to create big holes. Do you think a fox could have bitten through the wire? I'm sure the hens could't have done it. Has anyone else had this problem?



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yes, it has happened to us, and I am afraid to say that it is most likely a fox that has bitten through. :twisted:


keep a very careful eye! can you electrify your netting? you can repair the bitten bits with little connector type things (prob not the technical name...) but if foxy has found a nice place with the possibility of a feathery takeaway I am afraid he will be back.

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This has happened to me too - I discovered it was actually OH and a bit of over enthusiastic lawn mowing. I did find that I could prolong the life of it by turning it upside down and re-threading the poles the other way up (I know the holes are smaller at the bottom but it didn't make any difference) - I have now replaced my original netting but doing this made it last 4 years which is pretty good!

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