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Chickens and rabbits ...?

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Not sure whether I should post this on the chicken forum or the bunny one, but anyway ... we are getting a couple of bunnies at the end of this week and was wondering if chickens and bunnies get on. We are getting them from the re-homing centre so I'm sure they'll give us plenty of advice, but it would nice to think they could free range together when we're home :) Does anyone know about this? I suppose it depends on the individuals ..... :)

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we have always done this. however, not any more - not becoz of rabbit/chook problems but because our last 2 just disappeared. I will never know if it was Mr. Fox, or if they got under the fence and then ended up as a foxy takeway.


if you are going to let them FR together, I would just make sure there is enough space for everyone to escape if they want to, and particularly something for the bunnies to hide behind/under. a water pistol might be useful for intros, if your chooks get a bit pecky.


I hope it works, it's lovely to see them all mingling together!

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A water pistol! :lol: Oh, my 6 year old little boy would have a ball with that! Better not get it out while he's around, he'd think it was new game :lol: The chooks usually only free range when we're at home, so we can keep our eye on them all. Sorry to hear you lost yours :( .... was it the chooks or the bunnies you lost?

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