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Martin B

Paper Dress

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Amy has just finished making this prom style dress for her A-Level Design and Techonology project. The dress is made entirely from a few staples and a whole load of recycled paper!!




Uploaded more photos to my blog, but Amy isn't a member on here. When she first said that she was making a dress out of paper I almost laughed at her, but when I realised she was being serious I was concerned. :shock: But I'm really pleased with the final product, so much better than I ever expected.


Have a craftastic day!


The first person to say 'I hope it doesn't rain' then shame be on you :lol:


Martin :)

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i love the ideas that people have, its fab, thats why i love working in a school, I can show the students how to do the stuff, they just need to come up with the ideas to do :D


its a lovely dress - is it actually wearable (i know it wouldnt be worn, unless for a fashion show) but could it be put on- taken off? is it the right size, etc?




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