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Unlucky shopping week

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A couple of weeks ago I went into M&S & saw that their Easter Eggs were 3 for 2.

I went in last week & the offer had ended,so I bought the 3 I needed anyhow..................only to go back in this week to find they are on 3 for 2 again :evil::evil::evil:


Then yesterday I bought my daughter a little suitcase for £25 on the M&S site...................today I got an email saying there was 20% off all suitcases,so I could have saved £5 :evil::evil::evil:


So,if anyone wants to know where the bargains are going to be had in a couple of days time,just ask :roll:

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How frustrating for you :wall: I know just how you feel.


I'm normally good at finding bargains to the extent that friends ask me to go shopping with them as they always find one when they are with me, however even my bargain detector malfunctioned recently when the new garden furniture I bought for half price had a further £30 taken off it within a week of me getting it :(

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I did,I did............for the eldest daughter,it was one of the 3 I spent too much on.

The hello Kitty shaped one in white chocolate with a pink frock made out of hundreds & thousands was for the other daughter....that one is totally gorgeous too


The hen one....the straw she is sitting on is edible!

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It gets better.

Was loitering in Boots today while the eldest had her eye test, & bought a couple of pricey tubes of special facial sun cream which I thought were on BOGOF.

Just checked the receipt & the discount didn't come off,so I checked the site & they are actually on 3 for 2.


I might try my luck at picking up another one next week........


Honestly,I need to STOP SHOPPING!

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