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Martin B

Plain and Simple Pickled Eggs

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It's that time of year again. The eggs are really mounting up and I have run out of ideas! :lol:


I absolutely love pickled eggs so this was a great chance to make some...



20 medium sized Free Range eggs

1litre Pickling Vinegar (available from all good supermarkets)


To make the pickled eggs I hard boiled 20 eggs for 15 minutes before allowing them to cool in cold water (in the pan). Then when the eggs are cool just simply peel off all of the shells and you will have the eggs nice and ready. Take a sterilized kilner jar or any other air tight jar and add the eggs. A large kilner jar should comfortably accomodate 20 medium sized eggs or 15 large ones. Then pour over the pickling vinegar. You probably won't use the whole litre so you could make a medium sized jar of pickled onions or alliums with any that is left over.When the pickling vinegar covers the eggs up to the rim you then need to seal/close the jar and store them in a dark place. I normally leave the eggs for 2 days to 'mature' a bit but you can eat them after a couple of hours if you can't wait. The eggs should store for at least a month. If they last that long of course! Right who's making the chips?

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I use the sarsons white pickling vinegar as you can use the jar for the eggs. Very fresh eggs are difficult to shell so I tend to keep them for a week first.Pickled eggs are lovely for lunch with a bag of crisps according to my husband. i prefer mine scrambled or made into cakes.

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I made my first batch a while ago using a recipe from t'internet and my OH and ES said it had a 'unique' taste to it. :roll::lol:


The second batch was made with just normal white vinegar, waiting to see what they think of this one.


I've never eaten a pickled egg, I think seeing the celebs eating a really, really old egg on I'm a celebrity has just put me off.

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I've already demolished our first batch of the season. I tend to use white pickling vinegar, and only boil the eggs for about 10 minutes. Also, once I've hit the 10 minutes, I pour the water straight off and replace with cold to cool the eggs as quickly as possible, since I find that stops the yolks going black around the edges.


My wife doesn't like eggs at all, so she's never going to be a pickled egg fan, and my son isn't all that keen on pickled stuff. However, my daughter has found a taste for everything we pickle, so I have competition. I have to share my pickled eggs, red cabbage, onions, shallots, wallies, beetroot, rollmops. The lot. Life's not fair.

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I just can't warm to the idea of pickled eggs, I love them hard boiled and save the vinegar for my chips :lol:


We did pickle some carrot sticks this year though and they are great except to be honest I can barely tell the difference between them and pickled onions, they were made with a mix of white malt vinegar and cider vinegar. Anything pickled largely tastes of vinegar.

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