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Do trimmed beaks grow back?

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I can't seem to find a definitive answer on the various forums! We have just got our new girls a few weeks ago. One of them, Egg, a White Star, had her beak trimmed by the breeder (we think she's around 16 weeks, she's not started laying yet). Will this grow back? It's not a problem, she can eat fine, but when we give her worms as a treat she sometimes finds it difficult to pick them up from the ground while the others are able to guzzle them up nicely. It would be nice to know if she'll stay like that for ever!

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I think they do grow back to a certain extent, but not much. My 4 ex batts rescued 18 months ago have better beaks than they did when I got them, 2 have matching top and bottom beaks now and 2 still have a little pout :lol: Not enough to cause them any problems though.


However I am currently looking after some hens for a friend who have been beak trimmed more severely than my ex batts :shock: They are really quite pouty and sometimes have difficulty picking food up off the ground, but they are perfectly okay with eating their layers mash and hanging veg (lettuce, cabbage etc).


I wouldn't expect a beak to grow back much more than a very little bit.

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