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Happy St George's Day

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I loved the google doodle yesterday. All animals that did something when hovered over with the pointer. I especially liked the fish that climed the waterfall, only to be caught by the bear! :lol:

Happy St Georges Day. Not having Roast Beef dinner, but a steak on the barbie - suppose that's traditional English enough? :wink:



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It seems so. When I was on holiday in Egypt ( in February), the English were the only ones there. Other countries had said no to going there because of the trouble. We kept their tourism going.

But on our second week, the Germans lifted their ban & they came again. Well you should have seen our hotel pander to them. They even got loyalty cards! :evil:

It seems that the country that keeps peace & helps others is forgotten. But then hopefully The Royal Wedding will bring out some true British spirit!



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