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Martin B

DIY Wormery

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Has anybody had a go at making their own wormery?


I know you can buy them quite easily these days but the cost seems quite uneconomical in these recent economic circumstances.


From having a quick search I can see that people have made their own out of timber, plastic boxes, rubber tyres and a variety of other things.Then you can just buy the worms and off you go.....!!!


Has anybody on here made there own? Is it worth it? What went well/didn't do so well??


Look forward to hearing about your wormery!


Martin :) :)

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I haven't made my own, but I went on a composting course a few years ago at a local horticultural/agricultural college, and they'd made one out of a plastic dustbin, as I recall - holes bored in the bottom, and stood on bricks, so that it drained (obviously it's better if you could fit a tap and save the 'worm juice'). The downside is that when you want to empty it you have to tip all the worms out and start again - the commercial ones make it easier to just shift the sections up and down.

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