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will shutting them in help?

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We have developed an early morning noise problem since Lady P (enormous (Bluebelle) Bluebell) started laying. This morning it was 5.30 am and she was just standing in the run shouting very loudly (repeatedly) to be let out. She did the same yesterday but it was at 6.30 am and I had to get up anyway :( She has only just started laying and didn't do this before as far as I know.


She screaches for about half an hour, goes into the eglu to lay her egg !eggbrown! and then comes out and squawks her head off until I come down and open the run . She' very quiet once shes out free ranging (spoilt madame)


As I drove into my drive this evening I saw my neighbour in her front garden. She would normally wave or smile....today she just glared at me and I scuttled inside quickly incase she said something about this mornings early racket. Their bedroom window is quite near the chicken enclosure and the noise certainly woke me up (window open).


My question is this - if I shut the eglu up after they have gone to bed will it stop the noise or at least muffle it? I'll be up to open it again at about 7 am (but don't fancy that time over bank holiday weekend)


Is it egg laying related do you think or just desperate to get out of run?


Please help! :anxious:

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Hi I can't really help but can only say that I have tried shutting them in, leaving the eglu door open but run door closed and putting a cover over the run to darken it. Didn't make any difference - this was last year when I first had them. So this year the run is covered in part by a tarp and I've taken to leaving the eglu door open. They do make some noise around 6.30am but not too loud and if I'm not going to work I don't open the run door until about 8am. My bluebelle makes a total racket when she has laid an egg, but luckily this is usually later in the day, so I would say the noise is related to laying and again I don't know what can be done. Squirting with water seems horrible when she has just done a favour and laid an egg! My Leghorn doesn't make any noise when she lays an egg. Guess it i a breed thing. Good luck, I think it is trial, error and luck.

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I empathise with your dilema....have been leaving my cube door open at night so they can get themselves up in the morning... but have noticed they are getting noisier and noiser earlier and its waking me up so the neighbours must be hearing it too. :doh:


I am contemplating locking them back in to see if that keeps them a bit quieter till let them out but having read others posts not optomistic. :?

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Oh yes, sympathy here too! My orpington makes a hell of a racket every morning until I let her out, she's like a

rooster! When I come out she throws herself against the fence too!

She's just gone broody and I'm sooooo relieved, She's quiet as a mouse now so I'm just encouraging it

so we can get some peace.....

I hope keeping them in helps, let us know.

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We put black tarp over the eglu and leader run, and we shut our chooks in every night. It generally works for us but every so often, our biggest girl manages to bash open the eglu door and announces her presence until we let her out of the run.


If you're very worried about the noise, try and get hold of an old horse blanket, and put that over the eglu (making sure the ventilation holes aren't covered) and then cover with dark tarpaulin or plastic, and that should help. I'd shut them in at night too.

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