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I need a second coop to go with my cube and WIR so that we can house some particularly poorly ex-batts while they get their strength up. I had hope to pick up an cheap Classic on eBay, but they're still pricey.


I've just found these:



At £170 they seem like a good deal, but I can't find much about them on the web. Do any of you have experience of them or other Solway products?

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I have Solway and GFD stuff and thing they are top rate. I like the fact they are made of very solid thick plastic that you can treat much like wood (ie drill into etc.), and there is no insulating layers than can be a pain if redmite gets in. I've had mine over a year now so had it in -15 degrees and + 30 degrees and it is as good as new.


What I will say is that I don't like the Solway mini coops - I don't think the design is the best they have done. My Solway house (although ugly) has metal lynch pins in the places they are needed (ends of perches). The mini has plastic loops that are very hard on the hand.


I looked at the mini duck house and found that the only way to clean it was by taking off the roof. Not very practical for me.

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I dont like the look of the standard Solway houses and also dont like the fact that they dont come with a floor as standard but I do like the look of that mini one, its good value for money even if you do need to remove the roof to clean it (which is a pain!) its a decent size and looks robust


Its a direct competitor to the GFD houses which I personally dont like - I was turned off these when I saw a child fall against a display one and it came apart (the coop not the child..)


I would add though that I had a coop maker make me a wooden coop to my exact specifications not a lot smaller than that and it cost me £60

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Thanks all,


In the end I decided to order one, so I'll let you know how I get on with it.


I went for it because:

- It's significantly cheaper than an eBay Eglu (and I don't want to wait too long for a bargain)

- I love the plastic of the Eglu for cleaning and mite purposes, and this seems similar

- A bit of fiddling to clean or remove perches shouldn't be a huge issue as it'll only be a temporary thing

- It fits in the space I have made

- It comes in green to match the cube


I may also have been influenced by a poorly looking ex-batt making me feel sorry for them, but I'm denying that for the time being!



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Well, the Mini Coop arrived today (4 working day delivery, not bad!).


I've not put it into the WIR yet but as there's not much info around I thought I'd post my first impressions for others.


Well, its a lot bigger than I thought. It's probably got a slightly larger footprint than the Eglu CLassic, and the nest box sticks out of the side. It does however provide a lot more space inside for the girls than a CLassic (i think anyway). THe perches are removable but are round plastic, I'm not sure how well the girls will cope with those. But for my purposes I'll remove one of them as all my ex-batts have enjoyed sleeping on the floor to start with.


The general construction, well, its not as polished and user friendly as the Eglu's, but I'm sure it'll last. You do have to remove the roof to clean it, but that seems simple enough to do. If I was using it all the time I think I'd just line the floor with newspaper to make quick cleans easier.


My overall first impression is that its definately not an Eglu, but for the price I don't think its too bad at all.


I'll let my older girls have a look at it later and try to post some pics.

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The bulk of the structure comes assembled. All I had to go was take the roof off, fit the nest box with 5 plasic clips, push the perches through and secure those with clips, then re-attach the roof. I reckon it took 5 minutes at most.


The cats certainly approve, Plato has taken up residence in the nest box.

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I took delivery of mine yesterday. I've been eyeing one up for a while. I didn't need another Cube, but needed something a bit bigger than the Eglu and Go.


I'm very impressed. It seems robustly constructed and the hens appear to like it.


The roof is very green indeed. :lol:

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I like the look of the Solway mini.... do you think its big enough for 4 ex batts? Solway say they can fit an extra nest box for another £20 but not sure if its needed. The Solway standard is too big for my WIR and the Eglu too small. Any advice much appreciated.

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thanks for posting the pics, it looks a fab set up but so much bigger than I thought from seeing the pic on the solway website.


I am so torn and have been looking at all options but think now having seen your pics my heart is set on another eglu. ((especially a fried one :D )).


Again thanks for pics you have helped me make my mind up. xxx

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