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Animals with stuffed animals

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Maya loved her quacky duck , the first one lasted a few months, when it was dismembered I bought a replacement that lasted a couple of weeks, the 3rd one I bought her lasted a few days. Now she just gets the extra tough chew toys :lol:


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yes Suzi still has her flamingo... :lol::lol: she worships the thing!




oh we had one of those for Ozzie (Lab), but I'm afraid it died a nasty death... ripped to shreds, RIP poor flamingo!

now we have "squeaky ball" for which he would do absolutely anything - unfortunately it squeaks every time it is thrown or picked up, and if it is left on the floor and we tread on it while he's asleep that's the end of it - he HAS to play with it.

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What cute photos these all are!!! ... don't dogs look adorable when playing with cuddly toys...


This was Charlie's favourite teddy when he was little (the big white teddy at the back) :




He had it for quite a while, then one day I found fluff in his bed and found poor ted was more or less beheaded... I sewed his head back on, but Charlie took it right off again. I couldn't bring myself to throwing it away, so teddy (looking grubby and raggedy) now sits on the radiator in the playroom, as a souvenir of Charlie's baby months.


I love dogs reactions to toys... at Xmas, we all gave Charlie a gift, and he played with each toy then proudly gathered them between his paws and went to sleep snuggling them... he gets as much joy from a gift as kids do...


On the squeaky toy front, he is totally mad about those 'spacehoppers' you can get... he has gone through three or four so far... will buy him another one some time, but we don't replace them as soon as they get damaged anymore, as it'd become a tad expensive!!

What kind of dog is he?

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Their butt seems unconnected to the rest of their bodies for a while, doesn't it?... like they run or do anything, and their hind part goes in a different direction from the rest of them when they stop...

How are your gorgeous lurchers Claret? I've seen pics of them and they are soooo beautiful... Charlie's recall is still very much non existant... he is perfect when there is no distraction... but bring on a bird, a squirrel, or a blade of grass, and he looses all interest in stupid old me who's always around... he's adorable though, and so affectionate, but I do wish I could trust him more and let him off... with his fear of challenging dogs, though, and his goofy nature, I don't trust him to stay out of trouble... he is never, ever interested in food... that's my only issue with setters, it doesn't matter what I offer him, the moment we're out, he doesn't care... and I've walked around with frankfurters, raw beef, liver, mature cheese and all kinds in my pocket (clue : never ever borrow a jacket of mine)

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Just slightly off topic, but never mind :wink:


I feel your pain Ziggy - Ruby is pretty bomb-proof now with her recall, but Cyrus is another matter; he's only just now starting to connect with me and understand what treats are and that they are rewards for doing something right. I use some lovely big enclosed fields near here to let them run and to train him. I've found that walking away is a good idea; he comes trotting back then, but has a high prey drive, so will go off on hunting jaunts :roll: I've had him nearly 3 months now and yesterday was the first time that he looked me in the eye and connected... if I can keep up that contact, then we can start to train him properly.


Slightly back on topic... he's obviously never had toys before as he has only just learned (through Ruby) what great fun they are.


When I'm back from leave, we will have to arrange to meet up


Try getting in touch with Jim Greenwood to see when he's next in the area and can do a one-to-one session with you. He's absolutely excellent :D

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