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I have a broody!

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I know what to do thanks to the forum, so I'll be hunting down a cage type thing at the weekend. She'll be fine waiting won't she?


Just a few questions...

-I've been getting her out of the nest once a day, and she doesn't always do a poo, but when she does (sorry :vom: ) it really does smell bad and its really water... is this normal?

-Also, when I put her outside next to her feeder and drinker she just ignores it, sits down and will maybe take a mealworm or two from me but thats it :shock: Is that enough for her to survive?


I've suggested to Mum about buying some hatching eggs, but that idea got shot down :( Would involve having to buy a cube or another eglu :whistle: Shes never been a confident chicken so I think being a Mum is her thing!

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I've just moved her to her broody cage/crate and her chest is bare :(

She didn't cluck luckily so hopefully she'll gradually get out of her brood.


I told mum about her bare chest and I explained why. She said how cute it was and asked where to buy hatching eggs from! And how long they take to hatch! :shock: I think I'm getting there ;) Couldn't keep cockerels though :(

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:lol: Good to see there are more tough mums out there. I had that last week, as soon as my broody had been in the broody coop for a few days and still hadn't given up mum gave in though :dance: So I'm now on day 3 hatching 5 lovely eggs !egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!:D


(Failed to mention I was letting her out for 15mins each day :anxious: )


Good luck with yours! Just keep mentioning it :) Hopefully you'll have your own eggs !egg! soon enough :)

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I got eggs about a week after she came out of her brood, shes still trying to sleep in the nest box every night though so I think it will only be a matter of time before she goes broody again! :wall: Lucky you! I wasn't allowed to buy hatching eggs, so may have to wait until next year! What are you hatching? :D

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