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Nicola O

So excited -they are all hatched *new pics*

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OOh feathered legs, well that could be Pekin, Silkie, dutch booted, Cochin. Does it have 4 or 5 toes? If 5 then its likely a silkie.

Glad they are all doing well. I have only 4 eggs left under Buffy now but with not much to see in them so we'll see how it goes but im not hopeful.

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I just realised I hadn't posted any pictures, so here they are :D


Chick 1 - the wound on the side of his face has all healed up now.



chick 2



chick 3



chick 4



Chick 1 will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, with the others having their 3 week birthday over the next couple of days. Chick 2 is really big compared to the others - almost twice the size, and had loads of feathers (inc. a tail) at just 1 week old - none of the others have tails yet. Chick 4 is currently my favourite ( :silenced: don't tell the others) as he is a lovely mixture of chocolate and chestnutty brown.


Lily is a fantastic Mum - she keeps finding earwigs in the run and calls her babies over to share them....


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