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WIR is coming tomorrow - any tips on settling them in?

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eeeekkkkk im so excited the WIR is finally coming tomorrow after six long weeks of waiting! :dance: The girlies will be moving over to the other side of the garden into their favourite scratch-patch. Will they settle in ok tomorrow night? they will be sleeping in their usual eglu but it will just be in a different place and raised up on a table instead of on the floor. OH thinks they'll be fine because they will recognise the eglu and will know to sleep in there, but im not so sure........... will they not try to come to the side of the garden they sleep in now, even though there will be no eglu there anymore??


Think i am just worrying about nothing, but just want it to all go ok!! :anxious:

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i moved my girls in april to a wir and to a different site in the garden and they had no problem in finding the eglu my girls dont free range at the moment and they are confide to the run




i then made a table for them and they had to climb a ladder for the first time once again no problem




its a good because they go under the table for shelter sun,wind and rain





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