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Help - Chicken has eaten a Bead

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Hi Everyone


One of my really nosey but stupid hens has pinched a large bead off a top I was wearing when I was checking a healing wound on her. She just grabbed and swollowed before I had a chance to grab it. Its plastic, flat and about the size of a piece of sweetcorn. Will it pass through her or is it likely to cause problem? I cannot believe how stupid these birds can be. I've seen my birds eat full grown slow worms but they do get digested but a bit of plastic may be different?


Any advise gratefully received






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Hi All

Not seen any sign of the bead but the Betty the chicken is fine so lets hope things go on as they are. Thinking about it the chickens eat grit which is pretty lumpy but it never comes out lumpy in their poo.


Happy but Madchick :D

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