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Calling Eglu classic owners...info please!

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Hi all,

I am planning my WIR and would like to have a classic to join my cube as soon as funds allow - I would like the classic to sit on the outside of the run, with a pop hole, just as my cube will site outside the run. What I need to know is, does the front edge of the cube sit at a straight 90 degree angle to the floor, or does it have a slight backwards tilt? Just that on the photo's I've seen, looks like it has a bit of a backwards tilt, and am wondering if that is the case, how I would bridge the gap between the classic and the side of the WIR to stop Mr Foxy gaining access.


Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance!



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The Eglu Classic certainly wouldn't fit flush to the straight side of a WIR - it does slope back. We've just bought an Omlet WIR and there is a special shaped bit to curve over the gap that you then can attach to the WIR frame. As it is a special Omlet part it also fits over the top of the Eglu to screw down like its original run did. You could make a curved bit of mesh to cover the gap but fixing that to your Eglu is the bit i think would be difficult.

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No, don't give up, it can be done, and very easily, see below...




The Classic Just needs to be raised a little at the back to reduce the gap at the front and a small amount of wire-mesh padding to act as a joiner/filler. The chooks don't mind (or care) about the slightly angled bars inside the coop, as chickens roost at night, not sit :wink:.


Must admit these are not my Eglu's, but they were the inspiration for my WIR set-up.



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