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Regional Wildlife Trust Awards - just been visited

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our county Wildlife Trust does an awards scheme for wildlife friendly gardens - you fill in a form, and they send someone along to see what your garden has to offer, how to improve it etc. then you might get an award in due course.


anyway, I entered, and have just had my visit! a lovely lady came along, with her husband who is an insect expert among other things, and we toured the garden and they took photos of various bugs. I learnt loads - what species some of the bees are (we have tree bumbles nesting by the gate - most inconvenient! but they like it so there they stay...), saw a thick-thighed flower beetle (oo-er!), and had a lovely chat generally about wildlife, what we get here, how we can get more etc.


as we were discussing birds which visit us, her hubby looked up and said "oh look there's a hobby" (a type of hawk) which was really exciting! I've seen sparrowhawks here but wouldnt previously have recognised a hobby hawk.


anyway, apparently we have fantastic habitat, mostly due to my extreme laziness, and they were most impressed by our logpiles - of which we have at least 5. she said "I've seen some logpiles but never this many or this big"!!


we dont have a pond as such (although we do have a boggy area), but I am now inspired to start with a pond in a pot...


(sorry mods if this is not nesting box material - should it be in all creatures? if so please move)

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thank you - to be honest I doubt I will get an award though! my boo-boos were:


- saying I was quite pragmatic about wildlife, it's a garden and our space as well as a wildlife home, so I do reserve the right to have some bits that look like a garden rather than masses of nettles/weeds...

- admitting to owning 3 cats!!! could feel the temperature dropping at that point... :lol:


there are some photos in the 'self sufficient' section I think on a couple of threads.

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