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Eglu Go with attached run... How do you clean?

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My Eglu Go has the attached run. It is easy to clean the poop tray, the removeable back door and the outside.


Now I have had it for awhile, and I want to do a more thorough cleaning. (Only the assembly guide came with mine, the chicken care manual was omitted, but Omlet said the info was onLine--so please bear with me if this is posted someplace and I missed it)


To clean thoroughly do I need to pop off the top, Remove the two tiny screws in the back access door, remove the colored sides and then unlatch the run with those large silver-k"Ooops, word censored!" screws/bolts? That is how to detach the run. Then I could clean the front threshold by the pop-door. O.K. what about the interior inside? Turn it upside down, and then wash? As yet, I have not done this but I think that is what it would take.


Thank you anyone who has insight to this I would appreciate knowing your approach. !gogreen!


Also, I read how another person on this forum got extra poop tray and roosts (for a cube). Has anyone done this for the GO? Does anyone know if Eglu sells them. My hold-up after daily cleaning is the wet interior surfaces of the tray and roost/nestbox segments. I put wood shavings in, if I am in a rush I dry the whole with a paper towel to speed up the process. A spare floor would be an excellent idea.

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Thank you for that idea ThinkingChickens,


I was wondering about cleaning the inside of the coop/house more than the run, because I move the whole thing around the yard pretty often.


I will try removing the floor and tipping it up or upside down and hosing it out. That would be easier by far than disassembly. Great idea.

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Hi Squiffs,


congratulations on quitting smoking...if I read it right, it coincides with getting chickens? Good job!


Yes, I do mean a more thorough cleaning. It is time for that more thoroughly 'monthly' (read two months) cleaning. I don't think it is that 'dirty' -- but I want good care for the hens.


Daily is no problem at all.... but to do a deeper cleaning, accessing some parts seems a little challenging. I was wondering how other Go owners accomplish it. Thank you for the reply.

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