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I'm still deciding whether or not to fork out on buying an Eglu Go.

Having studied the website, I'm unsure on the capacity of the Eglu Go with a 2m run. This is because in one part of the site, it says "for 2 chickens", whilst in another part it says that it's suitable for 3 chickens.





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I wouldn't as they are large fowl (albeit a medium size I suppose). They would fit in the house but I'd have at least a 3m run for them. Unless you plan to free range them lots of course.

It is tricky working out what is the right thing to do. I would just advise to get as much run space or free ranging time as you can. That way you will have happier hens.


If your hens will only be in the run for a couple of hours a day then 2m would be fine for 3. If they are only allowed to free range for a couple of hours a day then go for a 3m run for 3 girls.

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When I had my Eglu Go set up, and got my chickens, I thought that I had over-crowded them.


I got one that is a hybrid - she was already laying, and two pullets that are Barred Plymouth Rocks (BPR). The pullets were very docile and 5-months old.


They were all so even tempered that there were absolutely no problems. In fact, even when they free-range, they still stick pretty close together. Often they will abandon free-ranging and go back in the run long before they need to.


So-- three can fit successfully into an Eglu Go -- or I was just amazingly lucky.


At the beginning, I put in extra food and water, so I had the grub and the glug and another feeding and watering device in the back. I think that helped them not compete and settle in.


If you were to be as fortunate as I was, you can have three living there happily, but I must say mine only go in to lay their eggs and to sleep at night. Our climate here is quite warm.

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I have three full size girls (Delaware, Barred Rock, Jersey Giant) in my Go and a new Go on the way for my Buff Orpington, Australorp and RIR and they are doing great. The girls usually sleep close together and though it's 90 degrees here currently they still are only taking up 1/3 of the interior space when they are inside. There has been no pecking, no fighting, and eggs. So, I guess they are very happy. I think a lot depends on how much free range time they get.

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