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It really was a dream

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I have just got back from my first cruise on Thomson Dream and had a fantastic time.

I treated my SIL to this trip as we have both had a rough couple of years. We flew to Palma and sailed to Sicily

Naples, Rome, Corsica, Barcelona and then back to Palma. We had a couple of days when the sea was rough

but it wasn`t a problem for us. As neither of us had been to these places we did all the trips going.

The ship was great couldn`t fault anything the food was fabulous as was the entertainment.

Being in these ports was an eye opener our ship was big 1500 passengers but we saw many bigger

some having 4500 passengers!

What I enjoyed so much about this holiday was waking up in a different place every day, I will certainly

do another cruise, just have to start saving up.



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I went on a cruise round the med in 2006, and even though I was in my early 20s, with my parents, and on an adult only ship (loads of elderly folk) I had an amazing time, like you Joybelle, I loved waking up in a different port in the mornings, will never forget opening my curtains to look out over the palm trees and blue sea of St. Tropez. *sigh*

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So glad you had such a wonderful holiday! :D


My Mum & Dad are booked to go to the Caribbean on The Dream next spring, so I'll pass on your great review!


I'm hoping that they'll still be able to go as Mum has suffered a couple of strokes recently. They have badly affected her speech and we have been fighting to get some sort of after care or therapy to help her to recover. Nothing has been forthcoming from the NHS but that's a whole other thread!!


Hopefully your fabulous holiday report will give her a boost and help her to feel as though she has something to look forward to, so thanks for posting!! :D

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Never fancied a cruise but you make it sound so good. You must be exhausted how long were you away for?

Hope this is the start of a better time for you both. :D

We were away for a week. and two of the trips were all day ones we had to get up at 6.00am

the trip left at 8.00am,didnt get back to the ship until 6. We did so much walking during the week

in a way it was nice to get home for a rest!!!!



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