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do you ever feel discriminated against because of your eglu?

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PC is wood, conventional and the norm. Mac is innovative, stylish and willing to pay extra for that pizazz


Excellent analogy Thinking Chicken.


The thing that gets me is I love the Eglu, I loved my classic and adore my cube but I do wonder how many Omlet owners would keep chickens if there was no Omlet... I know I would find the whole thing a lot more of a chore, and with the foxes around here it would be more of a struggle.


I think I would also have more trouble convincing people that I'm not completely batty as well! They all love the (cube purple) so much.

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I just found this thread, so here are my two-cents worth.... or should I say tuppence?


Recently, I read a post about someone who had to condemn their old coop--plan to burn it and feared infestation of other coops due to red mites. Even if a wood coop owner doesn't have red mites, don't they have to refinish the inside of the coop each year, especially the roosting bars? We don't have that problem.


Also while researching, I found that rats can chew their way into wooden coops, but are unlikely to chew into plastic, Eglus.


There is probably no easier-cleaning coop than the Eglu. In the states now, I see wooden coops for sale that have removeable poop trays--- probably got the idea from Eglu. And some owners brag about some kind of canvas hammock that catches the poop that can be removed. -- Eglu inspired IMO.


Recently I was able to purchase a used Eglu Classic on eBay. It was shipped, and I think that the shipper dropped it, and also that the package came open. Let's hear applause for the sturdiness of the Eglu, because the plastic parts were undamaged, the run parts were undamaged--(but one little edge-square weldmesh was lost---and the bolts to hold the run to the Eglu disappeared in shipping.) Not only did the Eglu withstand that, but I think that the seller got a pretty decent price. (Eglu classics don't come on the market here often from what I have seen, or any Eglus for that matter).


Why people have negative reactions--is beyond my comprehension. I always like it when individuals do their research and find something that will fit their needs. If someone's needs are practical, down-to-earth, and focused on the chicken's well being--plus low maintenance ---an Eglu has to be on the 'short list'. If someone's needs are for a huge flock, or a doll-house type coop, then they will probably find something else.


Cost is steep, and sadly some folks have to settle for less, but sometimes in life you do get what you pay for.

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When i told the breeder what iwas keeping my chocks in he was happy and said they will have a happy life i also got 2 firzle pekings and my mop the toher week and the breeder came to my house to drop them off and i showed her the eglu inside and out and she was impresed also :D i do scare some people when i say how much they cost .

Some people think im joking or others say " your mad "but i dont care with my 10 min cleaning routiene im a happy chock keeper :D

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Well after 3 years and a little jet wash my (purple eglu) looks as good as it did on day 1! Don't think I'd be saying that if I had a wooden coop. Yes it cost a lot but you get what you pay for, and a strong resale price.


Plus as for it being too small, open it up at night and our 3 girls are squished together in the corner with loads of space around them, so I don't think they're too concerned!

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I haven't met with any discrimination, but, when I first bought my (green eglu) the person giving me a liberated ex-batt was incredulous that I was investing that amount of money (and roared with laughter at the name/description; insisting on calling it an Igloo :roll: ) She kept all her liberated hens in rabbit hutches - they free ranged together all day. She had a huge garden, I had a tiny urban garden. I didn't like the idea of utilising a rabbit hutch, and the Eglu seemed great for my experience (zero!), needs and restrictions.


My ex-batt only lived for a few months. But, I couldn't bring myself to take apart the Eglu, or sell it and I didn't know where to find chickens from to restock. Then life took over and time passed and eventually I moved to a house with a massive-to-me garden: cue 3 bantams :) ... erm .... then 4 more :oops: (too many for one (green eglu) so I bought a wooden coop. Within 5 months, all my girls in the coop were taken by a wily fox who got in by knocking out the floor to the nest box :cry: I was left with one broody in the Eglu :cry: Foxy had tried to enter the (green eglu) too, evidence of scratch marks by the pop-hole, but it clearly defeated him.


Severe bout of Morehens Disease and my two homes were refilled. Had red mite in both the coop and the (green eglu) this summer, but the infestation was greater in the coop.


Was debating whether to invest in a cube or a WIR, but the WIR has won.


Had cause to call in the "Boys in Blue" last week and after they had dealt with our problem, they came back to give us an update - just at the time I was bathing my legbar who had been pecked to bleeding point :doh: so I had to let them in through the back gate. The WPC saw the (green eglu) and said: "I've got an Omlet!" :D:D:D:clap: Made for a lovely 20 minute chat on chickens and Eglus :lol:

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I've had some negative comments, mainly from people with a set up that would look at home in step toe and son's yard! :lol: But I wouldn't dream of passing comment on it. As long as they (and the chickens) are happy.


There is a discussion on preloved where people were having a go at the eglu. Saying they are way too expensive (maybe they have a point there) and that they are tiny and a fox could just 'tip it over'. Errr..... I just asked if they have actually seen an eglu as no fox I've seen could tip it over :shock: Maybe a brown bear though :lol:

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