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Little Peke & her chicks. First day out *pics*

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How cute!! She looks so proud :D I hatched out 10 in an incubator and it's been a faboulous experience! They are 10 weeks old now. But seeing this it has made me miss seeing a mum with babies - mine only had me. I'm keeping one boy, so maybe next year I'll have a broody to do what you have done. Did she hatch eggs or were they day olds you put under her?

Well done anyway - and lovely pictures! :clap:

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Hi vickichicki & thanks :D They were day olds/ two day olds & all vaccinated. :D Alli xx


How lovely! :D

What breeds are they? The 'brown' one looks just like my speckled Sussex chicks did! (I've got 4 x Branvelder 3 x Speckled Sussex 2 x Lav Araucana & 1 x Lemon Pyle Brahma) :dance: (with only 3 of them being boys)


My Speckled Sussex at 2 days old!

Vicki x

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Hi Nicola :D I think Peke stayed in the nest area for about 36hrs after we put the chicks under her.What are you hatching :?: It really is the loveliest time in the world :D We are enjoying every minute & I know you will too :!:

I've come in from work to find Lily out in the run with all her babies. I brought the food a water pots outside with them and the babies piled in - I don't think Lily could have taken them back in once they were out. They've filled up on chick crumb and are now tucked under mum for a snooze. I just sat on the ground and watched them for the last half an hour - they are so lovely I could sit there for hours.


What am I hatching? Not actually sure as the eggs were given to me from a nice guy I met on freecycle and I forgot to ask what they were. I emailed him last night to tell him how we got on and to send piccies and I asked then, but he just replied with 'congratulations' and didn't answer my question. I'll have to keep posting pictures as they grow and we can all play a 'guess the breed' game as well as 'guess the sex' game :lol:

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And just where are your photos Nicola :?:

Didn't want to put them an your thread where we are talking about your gorgeous chicks. My photo's are in the 'hatching' section - my thread is 'so excited - they are all hatched'. The piccies are on page 4. Will take some more now they are out with mum and put them on later :D .

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