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I'm not sure if this article is funny or not.

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What do you guys think?




Definitely not funny that the chicken died and the man was hurt. But kind of funny that my husband sent it to me with the subject line "uh oh!" As if he knows exactly what his fate would be if he hurt one of my chickens!! (Even though I don't believe in owning guns...)

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I like the fact that they had a gun each. Well, you have to give each other a fair chance don't you? :roll:


His gun was more powerful, though! Hers was a .22 caliber. Meh, that's just a love tap! :wink: Makes me think of a standup comedy routine that Wanda Sykes did. When she told her parents she was getting a divorce, her mother got upset and said young people get divorced too easily these days. "Heck, I shot your dad once! We didn't get divorced! He was wrong, I shot him, we moved on!"

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