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I regret that I have to throw a spanner in the works:

3 unfortunate deaths in the past month (Jessie: Rhode Island Red, Sarah: Barred Plymouth Rock, and Sabina: Bluebell)



Now watch me pull the spanner out of the works again :mrgreen:

3 new additions during the week (Yet to be named. Rhode Island Red, Black Rock, Light Sussex)


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I don't thonk I've added mine....down to 32 now. I haven't got a lot of time since I started my new job so as mine grow old and pass away, I'm not replacing them. I'm not giving up completely...just letting numbers drop naturally. This is the first year since I started that I haven't bought or hatched a chicken.


1734 + 32 = 1766

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Adding my 4 new ladies 1784 :D


1 white Sussex hybrid

1 Blacktail

1 Coral a White Star cross bred to be more placid and lays cream rather than white eggs

1 Ranger


All from Newland Grange in Malvern the second time we have bought hens from them, they are lovely and their birds are so calm and clean.

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