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I lost my oldest Girl  today, the last daughter of our best ever cockerel (Roo).

Nora was a little over 9 years old, and died in her sleep.  It wasn't unexpected:  her age, and the fact that she's slowed down over the month meant we knew it would happen at some point.  We kept her under observation,   ready to do the deed if she showed signs of suffering or distress.    She didn't look any different yesterday, so it was still a bit of a surprise. The best of deaths, I guess.  SHe was  a big, gentle, friendly, fluffy home hatched girl,  a real mix of her Mum and Dad.

-1 Norah (today, age 9)
-Katherine Howard (one of our Welsh Black Harem, a few weeks ago, aged 8 )
-Bertie (our Vorwerk cockerel culled because he started attacking Small Person,  having already been on a Yellow Card for constantly attacking 2 the girls in his flock)
+ Sunshine, Astrid and Sylvia,  2 Leghorn and 1 Barnevelder girls from last years hatch added to our garden flock
+ Summer and Blondie, 2 Leghorn girls from last year's hatch added to our allotment flock
+ Mutt and Geoff, 2 Barnevelder boys from last year's hatch, now sharing the job of Allotment Cockerel


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