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OFFICIAL - Omlet are launching a NEW pet house!

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I missed this when it was first posted. I really hope it isn't very good because I already spent a small fortune on a massive hamster cage for E's Nibbles. Most hamster cages are way too small so E's has an indoor rabbit/guinea pig cage with a modification so he doesn't exit via the bars.

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anyone get the newsletter? Its a nice name, but it is a shame it wasn't one Omleteers made up :( I did spend a lot of time today trying to find clue number one. Still yet to find it :(


Me neither :(

Am I right to look for the individual product (e.g Silicone Heart Muffin Cups) and there will be a link in the item description?

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Am annoyed.

Got a newsletter this morning with the THIRD clue in it - I never received the one with the second clue in :twisted:


Can anyone tell me (I know the clue now) if the answer is still on the site,before I waste a morning looking for it,please?

I didn't get the second newsletter either. I couldn't find the first clue anyway.

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