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Nooo! I think Lulu is a Lou!

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So I bought an Australorp hen and a pullet last month. I chose this breed carefully because they are supposed to be quiet and emphasized to the seller that I needed females. I was told the "pullet" would start laying in August. Well, in the last week or so, it has been exhibiting some dominant behavior with the hen. At first I thought it was just challenging the pecking order, but yesterday I noticed the saddle feathers are getting longer and more pointy. I'm 95% sure it's a boy. I'm in grad school and getting to the last stressful two weeks of the semester so now on top of all that I have to rehome a roo! I feel bad about separating them because they are so cute curled up in the dirt together, but I can't have any crowing in my neighborhood! This morning, I emailed the lady who sold them to me to see if I could do an exchange, but no response so far! :(


Just needed to vent!

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I emailed a friend who said she would take them if my neighbors complained. That's when she thought they were girls. She already has one rooster so I don't know if she'd want another! No response from her yet either!


I'll try to post a photo later. I'd be happy if I'm wrong and I just have a girl with an especially flowy tail and bossy personality! :wink:

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