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Riley has arthritis - even better news :-)

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Well, we didn't hear on Friday but I have just heard today.


Best news possible in the circumstances :-) . The specialist says part of the joint may have collapsed but there's nothing sinister going on so he'll be fine on meds for as long as he can manage. We can probably even reduce/stop the painkillers depending on how he is. He's never going to be as active as he was but he can have a good quality of life 8) .


The specialist also said elbow replacements are an option in the future but at £3k each and 50/50 chance of success we'll have to think long and hard about that :? .


I'm so happy :D:D:D:D:D:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: .

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Took Riley to the vets this morning and they were all stunned, to say the least, at his recovery :D . The vet couldn't believe how mobile he is and says the swelling has gone right down. Painkillers can stop (but can be used as and when required) and walkies (small to start) can start again :D .


He is a right little trooper - he's survived being impaled through his chest by a tree branch, falling off a cliff and now this 8) . (We're not careless owners, honest :anxious::lol: .)

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