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Identify film please.

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Bit of a long shot this but if anyone can help you can. Watched part of a film recently, last couple of months, channel unknown but not Sky box office. Started with an old woman in bed and story seemed to be told through flashbacks. Would love to see it all. Any ideas please.

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Sorry I don't have any idea who was in it. I can never remember who's in what on a good day. Definately colour though.

Thanks for trying to help.

Has a similar problem some time ago but managed to identify Dragonfly and have bought it to watch in the hope that it is a good as my memory of it. Apparently it was a box office flop.

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it wasnt "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" was it?


that was an old woman who told her story to a younger one, this was all done through flashbacks too :D


think the old woman was in a nursing home, sometimes in bed, sometimes not.


any use?




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