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Its just no good..have been spoilt!!

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Is it just me but I have looked at all the other coops...wooden and plastic but think once you have owned an Omlet coop.... its hard to choose anything else but another one of their products.!! :lol::lol:


I keep trying to find a differnt style that I like but not liking anything. :lol::lol::lol:


Saving my pennies towards another eglu (so wish hadnt sold my first one now) :oops:

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I have a wooden coop which is perfectly fine and my girls don't care as long as they can snuggle up and keep safe and dry.but I did not know about eglu , saving my pennies as on here they all look so good....., But I am happy :lol: Clover gave us a double yolk today , would it have been triple in a eglu :?:


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I have wooden coops and a coluple of Eglus, I can clean the majority of the wooden coops out quicker than I can an Eglu


A couple of my wooden coops have lift out stand alone perches and nestboxes, these are whipped out, s"Ooops, word censored!"ed and sprayed then the bedding is cleared from in the house, square corners make this very easy, everything is sprayed and replaced and new bedding thrown in


When I clean the Eglus I have to wrestle with the lid and kick bar, scoop all the bedding out of all of the grooves inside and the poo from under the lip at the back of the poo tray then faff with the perches s"Ooops, word censored!"ing them and all the gaps out, then scoop bedding out of the nestbox, spray or wash everything then reassemble it


I love nearly all my coops but personally I dont think you can beat a really well designed wooden house when it comes to cleaning out


its ease of maintaining the actual structure, the lack of gaps for mites to hide and the red mite elimination ease that make the Eglu a good bet though

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