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My poor chickens are 'scared'

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And I am not sure what can do to help stop them being afraid. :shock:


At the back of my garden there used to be a lovely wooded area, which all got ripped out last year for the new 'regeneration' plans the council have put into force (strange how when we moved in we were told the nothing would ever be done as it was greenbelt :twisted:).


Anyway this week they have started doing more work on the dirty great hill left behind, so the earth movers are in, diggers etc... so theres a fair bit of noise and vibration going on.


My girls which are normally in their WIR mooching about but have noticed that all this noise etc it is scaring them and they are spending a lot of time in the (cube green) .


If I go up the garden and they hear me they come shooting out the Cube, and will come out to free range but I cant be there all the time.


I dont like my girls being afraid :(:(

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Crikey! What a shame for you.


People often think land is Green Belt when it isn't. It is almost unheard of for something like this to be built on designated Green Belt. Greenfield land (undeveloped) which I suspect this might have been, has a bit of protection in terms of planning policy, but it does not have the statutory protection that Green Belt has.


If you buy a house with land behind it, always check its planning status directly with the Council - don't listen to what the neighbours or others say. One of my neighbours thinks a very large yew tree in my garden is protected, but I know that it is not. I don't know where she got that idea from.


Anyway, this is just a warning to others. I'm sorry for you that the woodland behind you is turning into this. The planning permission should contain a landscaping condition. Check it out and make sure the developer implements it.


I think your chickens will get used to the noise soon enough.


Good luck.

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poor things are still scared of all the noise and vibration :?:? and are spending a lot of time in the cube. Wish I had another spot could move them too but alas not.


Bought them some maggots today to try encourage them out a bit, even though am grossed out by them big time :vom::vom: but it was worth it to see them enjoy the wriggling treats... ewwwwww :lol::lol:


I am down to one !egg! a day too :(

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