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Flubenvet Dosage

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OK, I've read the thread on the 'Poultry Health' section but just want to clarify one point if I may.


The thread refers to a 6g scoop. Our blue scoop has 5ml stamped on it. Therefore is 6g the same quantity as 5ml? - I'm presuming it is. So then it's just a case then of mixing one scoop of Fulbenvet with 2kg of food which coincidentally is just enough to fill the new style Omlet feeder.

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Ok, I've employed my addled brain and come up with one 5ml teaspoon to 5 kg food for the 2.5%


My Reasoning:

6g of F takes up 5ml.


There are 5 lots of 1.2g in 6g.

Therefore multiply your amount of feed (1kg) by 5 to get the correct amount for 6g (5ml) of F


Hope this helps x


*edited to add as your Flubenvet is 2.5 times stronger than the 1%, you would obviously need 2.5 times as much feed: 2.5x2=5*

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