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Nicola O

Lily's Babies

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Just realised I haven't posted pictures since they hatched, they are now 5 1/2 weeks and sooooo cute. One def. boy, one probable, the other two undecided yet.


chick 1 - still not fully feathered yet, slightly stubbley shoulders. S/He is black with the finest dark brown mottling (though it doesn't show in the photo.)



chick 2 - bigger and developed quicker than all the others (fully feathered at 2 weeks). Black which shimmers purple/blue in the sun. S/He has feathery legs, the start of a punk hairdo and poofie cheeks and a beard (looks like he's wearing a ruff)




chick 3 - defo boy - also has the start of a punk hairdo.



chick 4 - lovely chestnut brown and black. He also has feathery legs, probably boy (comb growing and can see start of pink wattles though they don't show in his picture).




Lily has been a great mum, she wouldn't bring them out to freerange until they were about 4 weeks old, but now they are out they are loving it and the big girls aren't bothered by them at all. I moved them into the spare eglu a couple of days ago as the broody house, run + extension was starting to look quite small for them.


I have no idea on breeds, though I know that they are probably little mongrels. Chick 2 reminds me of a Faverolle with the ruff and legs, but do they have punk hairdo's as well ??



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You know, I've been looking at no. 2 for the last couple of days thinking 'boy', his comb has def. got pinker in the last couple of days. Funny, he was the one I wasn't so bothered about as being plain black he was 'boring' (sorry chook :oops: ) but he looks quite interesting now he is developing face fuzz.


At the moment I'm thinking 1 girl and 3 boys.



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Girl, boy, boy , girl - my guessing - Can't ee the last one close up too well. Lovely birds.



The last one has a pink comb and little pink patches under his chin, though wattles haven't actually appeared yet - it's rather a poor photo I'm afraid but he wouldn't keep still for his photo to be taken :lol:

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Oh dear, I think someone is trying to crow.


I heard a short, strange gargle on Friday evening, but this morning, at 7am, I heard a sound like someone clearing their throat - like a croaky doodle-do - three times. It was still pretty quiet, I don't think I would have heard it if I wasn't already awake.


How long does it take them to go from the first warbly croaks to full blown doodle-doing :?:



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There had been no more crowing all week, but this morning he was off again. More of a def. cock-a-doodle-do this time, still quiet, no louder than a chook clucking. He carried on for several minutes so I pottered down and crouched by the run to watch them and it's no. 2 chook - the black fellow with all the 'facial hair'. I had been watching him and hoping he was a girl as although he has a little pink comb he has no wattles yet (the other two definate boys both have quite a nice set on them now) so was praying he was a girl - but this morning settled that question :D .


So now it's def. 1 girl and 3 boys. Lily is still living very happily with them at the mo. (they are 7 weeks now), she still shares her treats etc with them all, but they are more independant when they are freeranging - they scatter all over the place and Lily seems happy for them to go off on their own, just calling them back occasionally if she's found something tasty.



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Thought it was time for some more pictures, if anyones interested.....


Chick 1 - girl - very scatty and doesn't like being handled at the moment (sorry for the blurry picture)


chick 2 - boy - very cute and cuddly, and I love his huge beard/ear muff/ punk hairdo combo (doesn't show up to well in the photo)



chick 3 - boy, and def. the one in charge and very fiesty when handled.


chick 4 - boy - another cuddly little chap



They are just approaching 10 weeks now and growing well. Shame the boys have to go, but not yet as the butcher says they should ideally be 15 weeks before being done so I hope number 3's crowing doesn't get too loud. Lily is still more than happy with them and I've decided to let her stay with them for as long as she wants simply because if the boys are all gone before the girl is old enough to be integrated into the main flock, it will leave her on her own - it can be a test to see how dedicated Lily is : will she still be with them in another 8 weeks ?!



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