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PMs - a message from the Moderating Team

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Recently there have been two unrelated instances of the private messaging system being abused, and used to make threatening or abusive attacks on forum members.


The PM system exists so that forum members can contact each other privately. You may want to exchange personal details such as addresses, or you may want to discuss something off-topic, or just share some information that you don't want to put on the forum. Please be careful however about giving your personal contact details out in this way.


PMs should not be used to make personal comments to, or about, another member that would not be acceptable on the open forum. Use of the PM system to make abusive comments to other members will result in your use of the PM system being removed, and may lead to you being banned from the forum.


The Moderating team can only deal with these abuses if they are reported to us, so please contact a Moderator if you think that someone is abusing the PM system.

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