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Egg yolk quality

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Ever since I got chickens four years ago I`ve always wanted a white star, well I`ve now got one,

even though she`s a noisy little blighter she`s great apart from the colour of her eggs. The yolks

are a very pale cream colour and I dont know why. She eats the same food as the other new ones

and their eggs are perfect.

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One of mine who has just started laying has paler yolks than the others too.


What greens do you give - I've tried lettuce and spring cabbage but nothing gets eaten ! The only thing they will eat is chickweed but as I don't have any in the garden naturally I grow it & don't ever have enough to last more than a few days before I have to reseed it !!

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Sorry, I'm sure you've done everything, am just trying to think of all the things that could cause a pale yolk. The other one is anaemia due to red mite/lice, but I'm sure you will have checked for that.

I used to have a link to a page about egg quality and causes of problems. Will see if I can find it.


Edited to add link: http://www.thepoultrysite.com/publications/1/egg-quality-handbook/31/pale-yolks

Not a great deal of help as it is mainly about feed quality of commercial layers, although it's interesting that 1 in 20 will lay a pale yolk anyway!

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