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No eggs and bald bums!

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My three chooks haven't laid properly for a while and now it's stopped altogether. They seem to still take it in turns to go and sit in the nesting box every day, but no eggs :? . The oldest chook is probably about 3 years old now and the others are about 2 years old. They've always been brilliant layers in the past. Also they've all got really bald bums which look awful. We assumed this was a moult but they've been like it for over a year now with no sign of feathers growing back. I've checked for lice and red mite and can't see anything and we treated them with the Johnsons Anti Mite spray a while ago and they are wormed every few months with Flubevent. They are in a large walk in run and an eglu so they've all got plenty of room. Any advice would be appreciated :)

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I did wonder whether they could be pulling each other's feathers out but I've watched them and never actually seen them doing it! Unless it's when they are couped up in the Eglu ..... :? They just look so awful. Their bums are bright red but don't actually appear to bother them, and there doesn't seem to be any signs of new feathers growing back. Also a bit confused as to why they actually go and sit in the nesting box as if they are going to lay when they're not!! :?

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