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A real chicken surprise today!!!!

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That'll keep her on the ground. Congratulations :D:dance:


Yes, quite!!! I wonder when she's finished raising these chicks if she will behave herself and go to bed in the chicken house with the others, or go back to her old bad habits and go back up the tree?

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Hi Mostin, could I hijack this thread for a moment with a couple of questions about the hen & chicks?


1. What breed is Gina? She looks like a Blue Marans with a pom-pom hairdo!

2. If the chicks all had the same mother and father, why do they look so different? Is this normal, or is it possible they had different fathers (naughty Gina!)?


I know a bit about human genetics but apparently nothing about chicken genetics :oops::oops:


Jen x

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Oops, I think I can answer my first question - she's an araucana, I think?


Very close :D. Her mother was a Coton Blue, that is an Araucana hybrid they have developed so that they will lay eggs all year round, they lay green eggs instead of blue though.


Her father was Basil a pure Araucana, quite famous in the Yorkshire omlet group :lol: He did the rounds last spring and visited lots of our girls to help us all hatch some coloured egg layers.


Blue crossed with blue gives mainly black chicks. Gina and Bluey were the only 2 Blues I got out of that cross last year. All the rest were Black.


There can be many different fathers in a hatch. Or one father with a hen can throw up many different colours so it is very difficult to know what has gone on :lol:


The three boys she could have mixed with in my garden are, a large Red Sussex, a large Buff Sussex or a large Malay.




Judging by the fluffiness of the chicks, there is no Malay in the mix. But I don't know if she has been to the gardens on either side of me and visited the boys there!!! I don't know what they have at the moment :roll:


I was talking to OH about this today and we both agree that at first free range she will be 6" up a tree with her darlin row of littluns perched along a branch next to her :lol::lol:


I can just see that now hehehe.

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Well we knew she had been to visit Joseph. In true Gina style :roll: because the big girls run wasn't open for the day yet and she had come down from her tree and was hungry, she had gone up yo the top lawn and gone in the Malays and was eating their food :lol: Joseph was going nuts to be near her but I don't know if he ever "got" her as she did it quite a few times!


Yorkshire Pudding is calling round this aft too, to pick up her holiday hens so it be nice to get 2 more opinions on what on earth has gone on!!!! :D

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