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Very bad day - some advice please?

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We have had Nando, our Omlet Miss PP for 2 months and for about 2 weeks she had been laying an egg a day without any problems. However, after laying yesterday we noticed that she had suffered a prolapsed vent. Despite our best efforts we took her to the vet this morning who confirmed what we alredy really knew and she was quietly put to sleep. Antibiotics and surgery were considered but after taking advice there were no options really as most fixes are temporary at best and in most cases unsuccessful.


Poor Valentine (our GNR) is now on her own and missing her soulmate. So we now need to move on and find her a friend. We obviously understand that this in itself can cause a conflict and we don't want to upset Valentine more than we have to by having her new friends attacking her.


So....have you any tips on the best way of introducing a new chicken. Idealy we'd like 3 in total but we're not sure if introducing a pair would really cause problems. We have an Eglu Go with a 3m run and they are allowed to free range too so space is not a problem.

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I'd do it the slow way and divide the run and put a cat box for the new ones at the other end. Make a divider by threading canes through the wire, very fiddly but worth the effort.

Having said that my last new one jumped over my shoulder from her lovely pen and joined the others, not looked back since :roll:


Really sorry you lost your PP so soon, rotten start to keeping hens :(

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Sorry to hear about Nando :(


We introduced 2 hens to 1 when Opal died and left us with just Ruby. I put the 2 newbies in the (blue eglu) and run and kept Ruby in a cat box and brought her in over night. During the day Ruby would free range around the other 2 in the run. After a week we let the 2 newbies out for a free range with Ruby and kept an eye on them - Ruby had a little peck just to prove her dominance but never actually 'went' for them. After a couple of days Ruby was going to bed in the eglu as well. We kind of left them to it (up early to let them out if need be) but that was it, after 10 days they were living together harmoniously. I think it helped that Ruby had been lonely for a bit so was glad of the company and the 2 newbies just submitted to her seniority. I'm not saying your intros will be as easy or quick but that's how it happened for us - I think we were lucky :wink:

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Thanks all for taking the time to contribute. Any more ideas will be more than welcome.........

Sorry to hear about Nando.

Definitely two hens to join your lone one would be good.

I'd make sure they are from a flock of young POL chickens, then it should be relatively easy. An established pair would be harder. All the best. :)

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Thanks for all your kind wishes.


So we've decided to find Valentine some friends and have tonight added an Amber and a Copper Black, so now one is three. First night together so it's fingers crossed. There's been a bit of pecking and chasing already but nothing on the scale we were expecting. At dusk tonight they all trundled off into their Eglu Go and when we shone the torch in they were all cuddled up togther!

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Thanks and I'll upload some pics as soon as I can get them to stand still for long enough!


So we've introduced a Copper Black (Amber) and an Amber (Lilly) (see my signature below and all will be clear) that looks brilliant white and she's a beauty! If fact both of them are.


Now Valentine our GNR has taken to Amber imediately like they were old buddies. No pecking order, absolutely no probs, free raniging together from the first minute they were together. Question! Is this because Valentine thinks Amber the Copper Black is our Miss PP that we lost recently as the colourings are very similar?


Now the slight hiccup. Valentine is giving Lilly a hard time and not leaving her alone for a second. It's the pecking order thing. Just wondering why Valentine has taken to the Copper Black but is giving the Amber a hrd time? Could it be the colour and how long does it usually take to accept another chicken into the flock?

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