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New girls! Updated with pics

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Finally got the run finished this morning so this afternoon I took a trip and picked up my first girls! :clap:


I came back with a white Scots Dumpy, a black Australorp, a lavender Araucana, a brown Leghorn, a cuckoo Maran cross and a Wyandotte/Araucana cross. A completely different selection to what I set out to get but they're all so pretty and, fingers crossed, I might have two blue egg layers!


I'd had them home about an hour and they all put themselves to bed in the (cube purple) without any problems. Not sure the cats are so happy about them being here though!


I'll post pictures in the morning :D

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Name choosing for me was a cross between their looks, their personalities and ... spur of the moment :lol:


Struggled for a while on what to name my Poland; for a couple of weeks she was just referred to as "Polish" and then that was reduced to Po. She's a scatty chook and totally hilarious in her antics. One morning they were free ranging and she came by my feet and I said, "Hi Po!" and then started laughting because that is precisely how she is ... Hypo!


My orpington the name came very easily. Releasing her into the coop and seeing her move ... she just reminded me of Hattie Jacques, so Hattie she is. (That was before I realised the reason she walks as she does .. she has a limp :roll: )


They are beautiful girls that you have there! I'm sure you'll come up with something appropriate :)

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We had names ready for our 2nd lot of ex batts as they are all characters from the west wing. If anyone watches it CJ was named for her long neck, Donna moss as she was the most cute, and ainsley Hayes as she can be a bit ditsy, however I wish I'd called her skitter, as that describes her running style when treats come out!

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Thanks all. I got them from Doune Traditional and Rare Breed Poultry. I think I have names sorted, I'm going to sleep on it and decide in the morning :)


Plum, I have wondered that myself (the tail feathers?) but I hope we are both wrong as it's not what I wanted and I don't think my neighbours would like it! I'm hoping John from Doune would be able to tell the difference and the boys they did have were a lot bigger than my bird. Wouldn't it have started crowing by now, it is 19/20 weeks old? Fingers crossed it's a girl! :pray:

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They crow on the second morning of being in their new home!!! :cry:


I was just woken up by something crowing, it stopped when I went down to them but I'm assuming it was the Araucana. Guess I'll be taking another trip today and swapping him for a her. Hopefully they'll meet me half way as it's a 3 hour round trip!

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