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Chickens from Country Fairs ??

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I am off to West Midlands Game Fair in a couple of weeks as a visitor this year, not working it so get to have a good mooch around.


Last year I remember there were chickens for sale and am so tempted to take a large cat carrier just in case there are some this year. :D:D


Has anyone ever bought from a similar event ?? xx

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I have bought 4 hens from sales pens... 2 have died prematurely (1 due to Mareks, the other unknown cause) and the other 2 I had to rehome due to behavioural issues.


I have (personally) taken the logic that its reputable breeder or home hatched from now on (with the exception of ex batt rescues, as I always keep ex batts in my flock).

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Having been to a lot of shows where there are sales pens I'd say some shows are more of a lottery than others


On the whole birds entered in to the sales pens attached to a poultry show/tent are restricted to those people who show their birds in the main show who are mostly people with good husbandary skills so on the whole they are very nice chooks


Unfortunately there are always some rogue lots in sales, some where the birds have problems bubbling under the surface, young cockerels sold as hens and old hens sold as POL, although in most cases your chances of getting a bad deal are low they are still present


Auctions are worse with more bad lots


Unless you really know what you are doing (and even then you can get caught out) or are attending a proper graded sale then I'd recommend finding a good local breeder


Apart from anything the prices on birds at shows are often much higher than you'd pay normally as the price to use the pen is usually £5 or thereabouts and these shows are full of 'pester power' kids so anything cute normally commands a premium

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thanks for the advice and experiences, I had never thought of some of the things mentioned. Glad I posted the query now as it has put me off getting any from the show. I will resist. :D


Will have a looksee for some reputable breeders near me. Any recommendations for the West Mids / Shrops area. I know there is Wernlas but have heard they are selling up or retiring.


I admit am torn between some different breeds or some more exbats. :D:D:D I was out with my exbats tonight and thought have had them 10 months now and feels so right to have given them an extra lease of life. xx

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I hadn't heard of it either, looks good :)

I agree, buy from a reputable breeder or supplier. Some do attend shows and take birds with them for sale.

Have been at lots of shows where reputable suppliers (inc Omlet) have taken hybrid pullets with them to be on their stand and sold them at the end of the show :D


Think they'll go for silly money Dani!

Some of the best birds around and a really good reputation though so may be worth it. If I wasn't at Moreton show I'd go just to have a look :P

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