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What's the quickest time....

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..... Your new chook(s) have got themselves established with your existing chook(s)? Usually there's a few battles while they get to know each other. In the past it's taken a week to 10 days before I've felt ready to leave new with old together in the run. And always kept an eye on them in the garden.


After we had our other bird Malibu put to sleep the other day, we bought another chicken (a Bluebell) so our existing chook wouldn't get lonely (we've only got room for 2 chickens)


Today is their first day together, and they've been brilliant freeranging in the garden. I tried to keep them separate to start with, but both wanted to be with each other, so I kept an eye on them, and realised they were fine.


I'm very pleased :D

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