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I just went to look.....

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As my friend told me about a 'chicken lady' I couldn't help but go and see her just to be sociable....


However, we came away with....




Myrtle, a pekin, but not sure what they call the colour...




Sally the seagull as she looks just like one! No idea what she is so feel free to speculate, she's crested, with long legs and a pointy tail!




Lilac a banam Orp, blue or Splash??




A chocolate pekin, she has a little fluffy back thing going on there... not sure on a name Wispa or Cocoa??

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I had a little chocolate Pekin just like yours, and she was called Wispa. You new chooks are gorgeous, congratulations!


Do you mind if I decide to use the same name?????


She's the biggest of the bunch as I think she has about 2 weeks on the rest of them, they are still 'cheep cheeping' which is soooo cute!

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