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New 'Couple of Trios'

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Did you sneeze or twitch in the wrong place? I think I am right in thinking you have a farm? 79 would be too many for a back garden :wink:


Tasha has a huge field - it now houses the Wernlas collection :lol:



I hope there are some Brahmas amongst that little lot. I'm always on the hunt for a source of eggs to feed my addiction :lol:

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I THINK this is the final count up but having said that I spotted a Light Sussex and a couple of Welsummers as I unpacked everything this morning so I think I may have a few more than I thought...


5 x Silver laced Wyandottes (large)

9 x Cuckoo Pekins

8 x buff Plymouth Rock bantams

3 x Black pekins

17 x Speckled Sussex bantams

4 x Gold Silkies

1 x Cuckoo Silkie

3 x Partridge Silkies

6 x Silbars (autosexing Silkies)

4 x Buff Orpington (large)

2 x Cream Legbars

1 x Lavender Araucana (large)

1 x Blue Cochin

1 x Dorking

1 x Blue Andalusian

3 x Black red Araucana bantams

3 x dark Indian Game bantams

1 x blue laced Wyandotte (large)

4 x buff laced Wyandottes (large)

4 x jubilee Indian Game

4 x White Wyandottes (large)

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:lol: hubby took it in his stride in his normal laidback manner bless him :D


Well its taken all day but all the new chooks and chicks have somewhere to live :lol: I now have four brooders of chicks on the go and runs/stables and coops have been shuffled to accommodate the rest


Falkor spent the afternoon here helping me move countless chooks which was hugely appreciated and we built a new run which we are very proud of :D

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