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I know this kind of has nothing to do with it :anxious: but I was googling earlier to find a brown eglu but couldn't find one.. but found this...




How cool is that!! That's one pimped out garden ;)


i found exactly the same picture, its so colourful its like a rainbow,if you go into the forum that apparently all but 1 was second hand, no wonder there doesnt seem to be any :)

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Those are Lesleys eglus! They are not pimped, but they are in a rainbow 8)

Although it may have been Lesley who painted daisys on a green one a few years ago :think:

You can get the flower and butterfly stickers in the omlet shop, I have seen a few with those on, they look cool! 8)

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Rather than re-open an old thread, here's a quote from Lesley a couple of years ago:



Someone asked the other day what paint I used to paint the Eglu - it is Plastikote Quick Dry Enamel - it is available in small pots, a good range of colours and you can mix the colours. I bought mine from B&Q


This is a photo of the first two I painted



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