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When the nights draw in ?

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Yup - they sleep more, you will get fewer eggs, they eat a bit less (although you won't notice the food bill going down much), and the other thing is that because they spend much more time roosting in the coop, the amount of poo that needs cleaning out increases dramatically!


I need to do some winter preparation, including fixing the glass tarpaulin that I started trying to do in a snowstorm last year and couldn't manage, and emptying one of the composters for easy filling on chilly winter days.

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I'm getting an egg or two every other day, my garden is covered in feathers as one of my Pekins is moulting (although you wouldn't know it looking at her) generally there is a sense of autumn coming. I am hoping that my pullets will come into lay before winter, but think that this year I will have to buy eggs :(. I haven't had many eggs this summer due to the high level of hormonal broody hens!

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