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Mink!!! Help!

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I think I spotted a mink in a neighbours garden this morning... it was jumping and playing about. It was very dark and looked young. I thought it was a black ferret at first but have been googling pictures and am pretty sure it isn't a ferret or polecat. We don't live near water though so am very confused :?


What should I do? I know they are vicious and I don't want them decapitiating my girls :( I don't want to hurt the little blighter though.



Any ideas, wise omleteers? :think:

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I'd speak to the neighbour and see if they can shed any light, then perhaps call the RSPCA, although they'd be hard pressed to do anything unless it's actually there when they turn up.


We used to get regular visits from a neighbours ferret, which would escape form it's cage. Thankfully 'Trigger' was pretty tame and I'd catch him and take him back.

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We found an injured young mink in the garden of our last house, but we had a river at the bottom. Yours is unlikely to be a mink unless you have water nearby, so I think the best way forward is to find someone who can set a live trap for you and who is prepared to deal with whatever you catch. It could easily be an escaped polecat or ferret, but if it is a mink then it would need to be killed as you aren't allowed to release them. Good luck!

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