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Not laying in nest box

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So little Layla has laid 2 eggs now - but each one has been on the ground :roll:

She knows where the nest box is as she does seem to sit in there for a while. But then its like she gets bored & goes off to see whats happening & pop, out comes the egg !!


Do they have control over the egg coming out at all ? Perhaps its something to do with her only just starting to lay ?

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I have a similar problem. My Australorp doesn't like to lay in the nesting box. She lays on the roosting bars. My black sex link will lay in the nesting box. Whoever lays first in the day dictates where both eggs go. If it's the Australorp then they are both on the roosting bars. Every now and then one of them will kick one of the eggs into the run and I have to pull out the poop tray and get on my hands and knees to reach it! Not fun! I've thought about getting a dummy egg to encourage them to lay in the box, but I haven't gotten around to it!

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Similar problem, I'm not happy about it. A month ago we had the cube with 3 new birds, to addition to the existing 3. All from Omlet. The older ones laid always in the nest box (in the go) and learned fast to lay in the nestbox of the cube too.

But one of the new ones, which finally started to lay now quite regularly, fancies the gap between the wooden fence and the retaining concrete wall (our garden is sloping towards that fence, the retaining wall is maybe 20cm high).

That area is full of rubble, stones, sticks. She sits there, I thought only for the cooler climate, bt she actually is building a NEST, silly bird. While she is sitting there, she picks small sticks, pieces of grass and puts neatly around herself.

And there are her eggs there, someone will step on them and breaks it :(


Annoying. I bought 3 rubber eggs today, I'll put them in the nestbox tomorrow morning and will block the gap at the fence, then will wait.


And what about the 3 eggs a day from 6 omlet hybrids? Shouldn't they already lay regularly? The first lot started to lay 2 weeks after they arrived and continued ever since like clockwork. Is this normal, because of the season? We chose them instead of some frilly purebreed, because of the eggs. Can be that I have to BUY eggs again??? Scandal :shock:

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We've got 4 chickens, of which 2 are laying, they both have chosen to lay in the corner of the coop on the floor near the roosting bars... I think this might be because the nest box is positioned higher than the roosting bars; and apparently it should be the other way around? I am going to attempt to move the roosting bars higher this weekend.... hopefully this will solve the problem :pray:

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